40 Piece Solar Cell Grab Bag All Different Shapes and Sizes

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This mini-solar panel grab bag contains 40 or more pieces. The cells are of irregular sizes and shapes and occasionally include pieces that were either broken or cracked during the manufacture process. All Pieces are 0.5 Volts each, however, the output current varies by size of cell. These can also be soldered together for greater voltage or current.


  • These photovoltaics were tested in 1 sun condition (Colorado), 12 noon, approx. 25°C
  • VOC: Voltage Open Circuit
  • ISC: Current Short Circuit
  • To solder: use 60/40 rosin core flux solder, a single strand of copper wire, and 600°F iron.
  • Drag iron making a long wire connection (do not hold iron tip on one small spot)
  • Cell front = negative
  • Cell front = positive
  • Approximate weight: 0.1 pounds (lbs.)

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