Steel Sledge Hammers For Cross-Training

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Apollo Athletics Steel Sledge Hammers For Cross-Training Weighted sledgehammers are an affordable and portable tool for resistance training indoors or outdoors. Sledgehammer training is an effective whole body exercise, and is increasing in popularity with crossfit, strongman, and fitness cross-training. Each swing starts at your feet, travels up through your legs and hips, is transmitted via your core muscles up into your chest, back, and shoulders and finally delivered through your upper and lower arms. All of these muscles working together demand a large amount of oxygen which makes sledgehammer swinging very metabolically demanding. Short sets using maximum power with heavier sledge hammers will develop strength and anaerobic fitness. Longer sets using lighter strikes with lighter weight sledge hammers will develop aerobic fitness and muscular endurance. 


  • Single sledgehammers available from 10-30 lbs.
  • Commercial heavy-duty quality for use in all types of facilities
  • Fully-welded solid steel design. Heads are fully welded to handles
  • Knurled “Safety Grip” on over 90% of handle surface length insures solid grip even with sweaty hands
  • Multiple sizes for conditioning, strength training and drop sets
  • Purchase the full set for drop set ability
  • Builds grip strength and power throughout the body
  • Black gloss finish

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